What to do if a toilet is clogged


Clogging is the most common plumbing problem according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. It can be caused by hard water scale deposits, organic sediments and other debris entering the drain pipe, reducing its internal bore.

In some cases, clogging of the toilet is the result of the actions of the owners of the apartment, throwing the remains of food into it, fermentation of work and dirty water after cleaning the room. How to diagnose a blockage and what to do if a toilet clogs without attracting expensive specialists, we will try to understand this material.

Characteristics of domestic wastewater

Drainage is an integral part of the drainage system and water supply. It is designed to remove liquid and solid waste, to clean domestic water from pollution and return it for further use or to a tank. The drainage system is essential for a comfortable stay in a house or apartment.

Residents of apartment buildings are responsible for the condition of the sewer pipes in the apartment, and private property owners should independently deal with the installation of local treatment facilities, the withdrawal of sewage and the maintenance of pipes and equipment.

The system will then operate normally without the need for constant monitoring or adjustment.

The structure of internal sewage networks includes:

  • plumbing fixtures with water drainage.
  • common lift, in which drainage pipes are provided;
  • pipe routing, providing the sewage transfer process from the sewer to the riser.

The internal networks of the drainage system must be equipped with ventilation. The process of ventilation of the networks is carried out through the common sewer risers – an exhaust is installed, which is led to the roof.

What is the drainage system in apartments?

Drainage in modern apartments performs the task of disposing of human waste. For this purpose, from each point where waste is generated (toilet basin, sink and bathtub), a drain line is installed into a common drain pipe.

Apartments connected to neighboring floors are connected to it. A large pipe with a diameter of 0.1 m, located in the bathroom.

All sewage systems built in apartment buildings and private houses must strictly comply with construction and sanitation standards.

Previously, only cast iron pipes were used to equip the drainage system, but now mostly plastic pipes are installed. In a plastic duct, the possibility of clogging is less likely, since the defects do not appear on the walls, and the “excessive” cross section of the riser is very rare.

To facilitate the cleaning of the riser in a skyscraper, holes are made on each floor – sewer revisions.

A blockage can be observed in any area, while it should be taken into account that the reason for its appearance is artificial. If hydraulic equipment is used for its intended purpose, no problems should be observed.

The typical configuration of a plumbing fixture (toilet, sink or bathtub) looks very simple:

  • device drain hole.
  • drain
  • supply pipeline
  • large pipe or riser

What to do with signs of clogging?

Every property owner should know what to do if the toilet is blocked in the bathroom. The first step is to warn the neighbors who live upstairs and ask them not to use the toilet, bathtub and sink temporarily. Next, it is recommended to make a chop or kvach, which must connect the drainage hole.

If the water from the toilet leaves slowly and your neighbors are fine, then the blockage occurred before the network entered the sewer pipe. With local blocking, you can call the plumber to your home, or you can try to independently eliminate the cause of its appearance.

If the water in your toilet rises with the faucets turned off and without draining the tank, then the blockage is under the common riser.

In most cases, unclogging the toilet or cleaning the drain pipe can be successfully carried out independently. Chemical and mechanical methods are used to clean the pipes. The methods for removing barriers in an apartment building or in a private house have no fundamental differences.

The main causes of a clogged toilet

The main task of the home owner is to identify the problem of plumbing blockage in time and take urgent measures to eliminate it. When the water stops in the toilet, it is necessary to act immediately, but first you need to determine whether the water is draining into the remaining drainage nodes (sink, shower, bathtub).

If the water from the toilet gradually leaves and your neighbors are fine, then the blockage is located no further than the outlet of the central sewer pipe. In case of local plumbing unclogging, you can call a professional expert or you can try to solve the problem yourself.

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