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Dos and Do n’ts of What to Text a Guy After One Night Stand


Whether in flicks in TV or from Athens escorts, you may have heard the expression, “one-night stand,” as well as are wondering what it indicates. There’s also the possibility that you’re considering having a casual sex with Athens call girls, however you’re unsure if it’s the best choice for you. Whatever the instance may be, […]

The Truth About Porn – How Porn Effects Relationships


The Truth About Porn – How Porn Effects Relationships

What are some of the more common signs that a couple might be having relationship problems that are centered around pornography usage or visits to Athens call girl or Athens call girls?

Again, like I said an easy way to identify if you have a porn addiction is hyper-stimulation or mental desensitization, which is really the cause behind almost 90% of cases of ED and is in fact nearly 100% the cause in men under the age of 40, ED is NOT supposed to be a normal occurrence in young men, and it never has been throughout all of the history of man.

However, The Truth About Porn is that the over saturation of pornographic images in our culture has “blown a sexual fuse” with many young teens and men especially, although  now in increasing numbers of women.

There have always been natural cures for erectile dysfunction, from the Far East to the Middle East. Even Americans have some of their own recipes that are organic and natural to this land, but the problem is that most men go and seek drugs right away to solve their problems.


The truth about porn is that you can even call pornography a drug to appoint…

It certainly does help stimulate the blood flow to any of the sexual organs, and it sure does do a quick-that is part of the attraction. But the truth about porn is just like anything else-too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

You get used to it and thus you must up dosage, think about lifting weights and how you increase the weight over time, this is the exact same practice and technique. Thus, the use of pornography may be slow at first but you will find over a couple months reading year span of time.

The simple spare time have it can end up becoming a daily or bi-daily addiction which feels like you cannot surpass another day without looking at pornography.

Sadly, the truth about porn is when you stop porn- visualization without pornography, the orgasms are usually lacking in power, pleasure, and even take longer and are harder to reach.

Of course this is only initially after getting off a what you would call addiction to porn

However, once you use begin using your imagination and visualization practice, everything becomes normal again and usually erectile dysfunction becomes a thing of the past within a month or two. Don’t let porn give you a lazy mind/lazy dick(& pussy) “syndrome.” Visit Athens call girl or Athens call girls and live it live!

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