How is life in Santorini in the winter and spring


What does Santorini look like in wintertime and springtime? The question I get asked very often is how is life in Santorini in the wintertime and springtime. I know, it’s only March but this time of the year is my favourite seasons in this unique and beautiful island. Why? Because Santorini returns to normal after so many months! Book in advance a Santorini rental car and see the Island.

After the madness of the summer season, the rhythms of the island slows down and you can really understand and live it truly. Many people believe that Santorini closes down in winter but, it’s not true.
I believe that visiting Santorini in winter and spring is an interesting adventure. So here I have you the main 7 reasons why you should visit Santorini in winter or spring.

1. There are no tourist around the island

It’s true! After all these crazy months, it will be only you and the locals. You could watch the sunset in Oia all alone or with very few people. The best of all is the available parking spots all over the island. The traffic jam of the summer is all gone and you can park your car ever in Fira!
Renting a car this time of year is a must! The trip from South to North is almost 25 minutes and finally, you can take some gorgeous photos of Santorini without any disturbing people or anxiety.

2. Meet the locals

This time of the year you will only hear the Greek language! Everyone is talking to each other in Greek and it is a great opportunity for you to learn this beautiful language by meeting the locals.
People who live on the island all year long will be more than happy to have a coffee with you and spend some time with you. So if you want to know the real-life on Santorini and have a taste of living like a local, now it’s the best time of the year. Restaurants and coffee shops are open near the villages of Fira, Messaria and Kartherados. So don’t overthink this twice! Live like a local in Santorini!

3. Is cold in the wintertime or springtime?

Another question that I hear often is if the weather cold this time of the year? It depends is the correct answer and we use it a lot on this island. The cold of Santorini in winter does not go beneath 6 or 7 degrees, but it can be very windy and rainy some days.
You might think that this weather is not ideal for your holidays but think out of the box just for a moment. If you like more the photos of Santorini and you are not a sea lover then the unique colours of spring and winter in Santorini for your pictures will make you love this island.

4. What you could do in Santorini in the winter or spring?

Troubled that you might get bored? Questioning what to do in Santorini in spring or winter? I believe that you can find many things to do in if you think as I said before out of the box. One of many is to visit a winery and have a taste of the excellent wines of the island. Warm-up yourself with the wine taste and continue your day with dinner and cinema!
If you are an adventure person, try a winter swim in the hot springs. The volcano is open all year round and it will be sleeping.

5. History lessons

Another thing you could do without any discrepant of the crowds is visiting the archaeological site of Akrotiri and the museum in Fira. It’s time to learn all about the history of Santorini and also the myth of Atlantis.

6. Explore Santorini with a car or by foot

All the days are not windy and rainy. You can find many sunny days in the wintertime or springtime. These days can allow you to explore Santorini with a rented car or you can walk from Fira to Oia and see the Caldera at its greatest glory.


How is living in Santorini?

I have been asked so often living in Santorini. I had a few conversations a few days back with someone, who decided to live in Santorini for various reasons.

Living in Santorini is troublesome, you must have solid aims or resolve to remain and adjust to the island. Other than all the practical concerns what is by all accounts the standard trouble is a public activity, connections.

The monetary quality of Santorini is a twofold edged blade. It gives a lot of opportunities to a few people and although Greece is as yet taking care of such huge numbers of issues, Santorini is, an island where you can look for some kind of employment.

Numerous business people have for sure hopped on this train without regarding the earth, the legacy and the neighbourhood network. This implies all the time individuals, both for business people and workers, go to the island with one objective: cash.

The achievement of Santorini

The achievement of Santorini has likewise a reaction on local people, the individuals who are from the island. On the off chance that you read somewhat about the island, you will find that Santorini, until the ’70, was an oppressed spot: the well of lava, the aridity of the dirt, the good ways from everything and the seismic tremor of 1956, just to give some examples, have constantly made the existence hard.

Local people got themselves abruptly with an uncommon sudden chance: the travel industry. I extravagant considering it a second amazing spring of gushing lava blast. This interprets on certain practices that are not extremely distant from the ones referenced in the past sections.

To be completely forthright, the outcomes of high mass the travel industry influence even in large urban communities, I very comprehend why they are having somewhat of a cataclysmic outcome on such a little island.

So the ‘social’ battle is in the middle of local people blaming individuals from outside coming here to misuse the island and, the other way around, ‘outsiders’ pointing their fingers against Santorinians.

What to except living in Santorini

Life on an island like Santorini is a hard pill to swallow: if you decide to live here, you need to forfeit things that the remainder of the world underestimates.

You can’t likewise move to Santorini expecting that nearby individuals will have your mindset, that they will be keen on similar issues. What is basic for you who are originating from an increasingly dynamic and special condition, couldn’t be pivotal in a little network. This doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable.

It needs a greater exertion from ‘our’ side into demonstrating what could be better done in certain circumstances. In any case, this must be done in the wake of having a profound comprehension of the legacy and history of the nearby life. You have by one way or another to mix in first and shake it after.


Sports in Santorini in the winter and spring

Spots like this offer you a chance to investigate yourself and cause you to comprehend what is that truly matters to you: once presumably, they were extravagant shoes or costly cool dinners, today is perched on your porch and viewing the dawn or stroll on the seashore whenever you have to ‘relax’.

I regularly clarify my adoration for living on the island as follows: the island gives me restricts that I can’t survive, however it gives me the chance, the opportunity, to proceed to look inside them.

The equivalent needs to apply to the network, to the individuals, to what the island brings to the table: you could most likely discover them in a modest number however it doesn’t mean they do.

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