How Fast Do Septic Products Restore Septic Systems?


How Fast Do Septic Products Restore Septic Systems?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get here at  Homeowners want to know how long it is going to take for a septic product to restore their septic system.  It’s a fair enough question, especially when you are considering how unpleasant septic or sewage smell can be.

In all our years of experience ( ydravlikos ), one thing has always struck us as odd.  Many homeowners simply cannot believe that septic treatments can work.  They just don’t believe it. Why would a septic contractor tell me I needed to replace the drain field at a cost of $10,000 if septic products could fix it?  Septic products, even the strongest ones, cost only 300-500 dollars.  They do not believe they will work and are afraid of being ripped off for a few hundred dollars.  It’s absolutely mind boggling.

Let’s set a few things straight.  Septic products do work and they are fantastic ways to avoid replacing your system.  That being said, there are always times when a drain field or septic system need to be replaced and it is unavoidable.  The question you need to be asking yourself is not whether or not septic products work, but rather if you have a few weeks of patience to see if you can avoid having to spend $10,000 to replace your septic system.

Now, understand that you cannot have a clogged drain field, go to the supermarket and pick up RID X, flush a packet and everything is all better.  That lack of understanding is how rumors that septic products don’t work are started.  RID X, for example, is a monthly treatment.   It is designed to supplement the bacteria in your system each month to help keep things running smoothly.  It is NOT designed to reverse existing clogs and backed-up systems.  So don’t expect it to.

In order to restore your septic system you would need to purchase a septic shock product.  These shocks are designed to blast through sludge and bio mat causing your septic tank or drain field problems.  The best septic products (shocks) can be expected to work as quickly as 2 weeks, but keep in mind that the results will continue to improve with each passing day.  Choosing the right septic product is essential to your success in restoring your septic system.  Don’t buy a maintenance product thinking it will solve your back-up.  You use the maintenance product after you have restored your system, so that you don’t have to deal with this financial pickle again.

Today’s society wants instant gratification and for many people waiting a couple weeks to avoid spending excessive amounts of money is too much, personally I am much more old fashioned than that.  I understand these things have a process, and I would much rather spend my money on the kids, or their education.  Or maybe a boat for me and the misses to retire on, just about anything seems like a better idea than on a septic system.

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