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Creating opportunity for electrical
workers is what the IBEW is all about. 
That’s why the majority of commercial/industrial electricians in the
Puget Sound area belong to the union. 
The union provides electricians greater opportunity than any one
electrical contractor can possibly provide.

The examples are


Training Opportunities: 
Whether you are an apprentice or a journeyman the training opportunities
through the IBEW are absolutely the finest around, that is why the top students
in the non-represented apprenticeships almost all end up as union apprentices or
come into the IBEW at graduation. 
Journeyman training whether you are taking a CEU class or are learning
about fire alarm or attending a photovoltaic class all the training is paid for,
you only pay for books or a lab fee. 

Check out our training facilities webs
site in the apprenticeship section here at electricians digest and check out the
classes available.   All the
info is right there on the web site whether you live in Aberdeen or Bellingham
the information is right there at your fingertips.  Even if you are not yet in the union you
can still attend our trainings you just have pay for it which is still less than
the other training centers.  We are
also offering low cost training on some classes for journeyman, trainees and


Work Opportunities:  The three IBEW local unions in Puget
Sound have a contract with more than 300 electrical contractors doing
commercial, residential and industrial work in our areas.  This provides electricians the
opportunity to work where you want and for who you want.  Union electricians have a lot more work
opportunities with a larger pool of contractors. 


Most union electricians stay with one
contractor for years, some spend their whole career with the same
contractor.  And lets put to rest
that tired old non-union contractor fear that union workers do not work, “you
will be sitting on the book”.  How
many times have you heard that?  Why
would anyone belong to an organization where you did not get to work at your
craft when you wished to work, remember the vast majority of electricians in our
area are in the union because they do get to work year round and have more work

Medical: The opportunity for full family
medical, dental, and prescription and optical is standard for union electricians
in our area, no employee premiums. 
Health care is expensive and we have made an effort to get the best value
for our health care dollar.  All of
our plans are structured so you can build up enough coverage to allow you to
take time off without losing coverage. 
You can build up to eleven months worth of extended coverage for you and
your family.  No employee premiums
allows you to spend your money on other family needs, not health care, which is
fully funded by the employers.


Pensions: The three locals in Puget Sound have
different pension plans.  But all
the pensions are fully funded by the employers who contribute up to $7 an hour
on your behalf to provide security for your later years.  We have not been able to identify a
single electrician in the unrepresented sector who has retired on a company
pension plan not one! 


Union electricians retire any time after
they reach 55 years of age as long as you have enough years in the plan.  All three Puget Sound locals have at
least two plans you will participate in. 
A secure well-funded pension plan is your key to security in later life
and the opportunities from having those pension plans is immense. 


If you decide to work in New York,
Dallas or Spokane your pension and medical contributions are shipped to your
home plan here in Puget Sound so your pension contributions build throughout
your career and you have continuity of medical benefits for you and your


There are just more opportunities
working for a union contractor.  
The chance at advancement and running work and the economic incentives
that are part and parcel of taking on more responsibilities are always available
to good electricians.  The Overtime
provisions that are paid by union contractors to their electricians are just not
matched by the unrepresented contractors. 
All these and many more opportunities just make working for a union
contractor the right choice.


Work opportunities are abundant in all
three IBEW locals so give us a call or fill in the survey on this web site.   There is no better time to give
yourself the opportunity to broaden your career in the electrical industry.  You probably know someone who is already
a member of the electrician’s union talk with them and they can tell you about
the opportunities they enjoy.  Or
just give us a call and we will sit down and discuss your options.  


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