Common problems with the sewer

Common problems with the sewer

You or the professionals of Apofraxeis Anagnostou may notice that some part of the sewer or the main shaft where the motor is located is clogged. As a result of which it malfunctions and holds sewage, leading to blockage of the other pipes that lead there. The common causes of malfunctions in a sewer are sewage. The common reasons are the purgatory created by the frequent use of laundry detergents, soaps and cooking oils. hair, paper and various small objects can also be considered “guilty”.

How is the blockage in the sewer of an apartment building done?

The ways of blocking a well vary depending on its general condition, but also the nature of the problem. Modern water pressure machines can clean all the pipes in the horizontal central sewerage network of an apartment building as well as the drainage wells.

And because the stench outside can be a sign of a serious problem of the central drainage, the cigar is removed from the pipes to eliminate any unpleasant odors. Steel shaft blockage is also a classic but very effective way to block a clogged shaft. It is a metal, elastic tool that penetrates the well and unblocks the pipe from small objects and garbage.

The company Apofraxeis Anagnostou has high suction machines, capable of emptying septic tanks wherever they are located. In addition, blockages can be made in wells and sewer pipes, in pipettes, sinks, basins, bathtubs, sinks and toilets.

Obstructions are also possible in vertical central columns of kitchen or toilet of buildings as well as overhead lines of central drainage (horizontal lines).

How often should the drain of a building be cleaned?

Every house or apartment building has other needs due to differences in the construction of the sewerage network. In addition, there are different burdens on domestic sewage. Thus, the blockage in other cases can be done every two-three months, in others every six months or even once a year. Sewer cleaning is recommended as a precaution twice a year (spring and autumn) in order to avoid damage and maintain the hygiene of your space.

Sewer Drainage

Sewer  evacuation  is a very important process that must always be done by professionals. Dirty water in the sewer system is a problem not only because of the strong odor, but also because of the germs it contains. In addition, the biggest and at the same time most dangerous problem is that the sewage creates damage to the structures and especially to the foundations of a building, affecting its very static. Proper and timely evacuation of cesspools protects the hygiene of your home, but also the environment.

The company Apofraxeis Anagnostou has privately owned modern pressure and tanker vehicles, and can immediately serve any need for blockage and cleaning of pipes.

The many years of experience, the experienced and qualified staff of the company Apofraxeis Anagnostou as well as the certified machines are combined in order to achieve the excellent result.

However, because each sewer installation is installed differently, different handling is required. There are wells that can operate effectively for many years. However, septic tank evacuation becomes necessary at some point. For this reason, specialized personnel are required to evaluate the construction and proceed with the appropriate process. The evacuation is completed by transporting the sewage to the special wastewater treatment centers by tankers.

A necessary procedure after emptying the septic tank is its maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning involves the removal of any solid residue that has settled on the walls, either by natural or special chemical means. The purée and various other components that end up in the pits, through the drainage, create an impermeable layer thus reducing the capacity of the pit.

Often the various cleaners create cracks in the walls of the pits, as a result of which sewage escapes and contaminates the environment, as well as water entering the pit from the ground. In this case it is recommended to seal the septic tank in order to solve the problem.

Drainage and septic tank are recommended to be checked regularly to prevent any problems in its operation. The factors that determine the rate of evacuation are the type of septic tank and how it is used. Usually cleaning and maintenance is good to be done once or twice a year.

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