Website harmonization with the GDPR

Website harmonization with the GDPR

The New General Regulation (GDPR) of the EU (2016/679) on the Protection of Personal Data has found several companies exposed. The Implementation of the Regulation has entered into force on 25/05/2018. According to the New Regulation, you will have to harmonize your business both offline and online with the requirements of the new law. Does the […]

5 Unique Phone Cases and Gadgets


5 Unique Phone Cases and Gadgets Almost all us have actually purchased least one phone case for our mobile phones (thikes kiniton). Beyond its safety, we want them elegant, water-proof, easy to deal with and also comfortable and simple. Thanks to ingenious items, we can have phone cases that fulfil a lot of our expectation. […]

Google Provides More Options for In-Depth Articles

Doing a Google search is the easiest and quickest way to get knowledge and information. But most of the time the information you get from a Google search is only scratching the surface and it may not be enough. When you want to get right to the bottom of a certain topic you can use […]